Monday, December 17, 2007

Ch, 11 - Ch. 13

Christine: She is afraid of Erik.

Erik: Seems to love Christine alot but is very forceful. Had an "adorable" voice. Very scary. He would commit murder just for Christine.

Raoul: Very confident and vow that he would get Christine away from Erik and hide her where Erik can't find her. Gets frustrated and asks Christine where Erik is so that he can kill him.

In the opera.

Christine suggests that she and Raoul should have a secrete engagement for a month. Raoul agrees and asks Christine for her hand. Later on, Raoul saw a trap door and when he was about to go in, Christine stopped him saying that it was nothing and dragged him. Then suddenly the trapped door closed so quickly that they did not see the hand. Raoul suspected that the man, Erik, was living behind the trapped door. Christine seemed afraid so Raoul tells Christine that he was get her away from Erik's power and hide her where Erik cannot find her. Christine tells Raoul that she does not wish to go underground to live with him and hear him saying that he loves her and tear infront of her. Raoul suggests that they fly at once but Christine thought that it was too cruel so they decide to go after tomorrow's singing. Christine tells Raoul how she first met Erik. She did not know if he was the Angel of Music that her father sent her and when she told this to Mamma Valerius, she said that he was the Angel of Music and it wouldn't harm her to ask him if he was the Angel of Music. Christine goes back to Erik and when she returns, Raoul asks if she truely loves him and Christine replies by saying that she loves him and kisses him. Christine has lost her ring and she was panicking because when Erik gave her the ring, he said that he gave her back her liberty on condition that this ring is alwats on her finger. If she ever apart with it, he would get his revenge. The next day, Christine was singing and then suddenly, the whole place darkened and then Christine disappeared.

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