Monday, December 17, 2007

Ch. 25 - Ch. 26

Erik: He has finally lost it right before he died.

Where Phantom lives and the torture-chamber.

The tap was still on and the water was rising and rising and it reached up to Christine's knees. Later, Erik was telling the other what had happened. Erik said that he seperated Christine and Raoul by taking him to the Communists' dungeon, which is in the most deserted and remote part of the Operabelow the fifth cellur where no on ever comes. He also said how Christine was waiting her him like a good girl and how he kissed her forehead and how it felt. Also he also said that she was crying and he would deel her tears flow on his forehead. He also said that he had given Christine and wedding ring that he has given it to her and the one that she lost and give the ring back to her saying that it was the wedding present for her and Raoul. Later, Erik went to release Raoul and brought him to Christine, Right before his eyes, the two of them have kissed. He told Christine to visit this place after he died and then Christine kissed Erik on the forehead. With that, Erik died.

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