Monday, December 17, 2007

Ch. 14 - Ch. 17

M. Richard and M. Moncharmin: They think that they are always right. They twist other people's words so that it benefits them.

Madame Giry: She is frusted and cannot believe that she was accused of being a thief and that she would be arrested. She is cornered by the managers and the investigators.

Christine was missing and no one knew where see was. Raoul also didn't know and when the managers were talking, Raoul came in and asked if they knew where Christine Daae was and they started laughing. The police investigators came to search and figure out where Christine was and then they decided to arrest Madame Giry as a thief. because of the twenty-thousand-fracs and she told the investigators h ow she managed to put the envelope into M. Richard's pocket.

In the office of the managers.

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