Monday, December 17, 2007

Ch. 22 - Ch. 24

Erik: He was mad. He was also infront of Chirstine on his knees fiercely bewailing saying that Christine doesn't love him. Even though he binds Christine, he still said that if he had hurt her, then that alone deserved death.

Christine: She is freaked out and she was standing dumb with horror without that strength to cry out. She doesn't know what to do anymore.

Raoul: He was desperate to get Christine to get out of her horror state.

When Raoul and Persian find Christine, they saw Erik on his knees and Christine was standing in horror. When Erik leaves, Raoul screams Christine's name just so that she gets out of her state. Christine tells Raoul that they have to leave because Erik was mad with love and that he had decided to kill everybody and himself with everybody if she did not consent to become his wife. Christine doesn't know what to choose. If she doesn't marry Erik, then everyone would be dead and buried and if she chooses to marry Erik, then she would suffer. Persian tells Christine to act and get herself unbind. He told her that all she needs to remember is that Eril loves her. When Erik comes back, she asks him to unbind her and he said that he would not do that because she was going to kill herself. Christine reassures Erik that she would not kill herself because she still had till 11 o'clock the next evening to answer him. Erik agrees and as he releases Christine, he tells her that if she says 'no' then gone with everybody. After he releases Christine, he look at her wrists and asking if he had hurt them.

the torture-chamber

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