Monday, December 17, 2007

Ch. 18 - Ch. 21

Persian: Tricky. It seems like he is trying to help Raoul and Christian but since he knows Erik, it seems weird.

Raoul: Desperate to get Christian back from Erik.

At the house of the opera and behind the trapped door.

M. le commissaire stated that Christine must be found and when M. Richard asked why he needed to know where Christine was, M. le commissaire said that she disappeared in the middle of the performance. M. le commissaire said that it was an angel that carried off Christine and Raoul said that he knew where this angel of the Opera lived. Raoul told them about the Angel of Music and The phantom of the Opera and how they were one and the same and how the real name of the Angel and the Phantom was Erik. M. le commissaire asked Raoul if he has seen the Phantom before and Raoul said yes. He said that he has seen the Phantom at the Churchyard. Raoul meets with Persian and said that Christine is with Erik and Raoul asks him for help. They both head towards where Erik is with Christine. There, they found the body of the Josph Buquet. They have arrived at the "torture-chamber."

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