Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ch. 7 - Ch. 10


The Phantom of the Opera: He forbid Christine to get married.

Mamma Valerius: She thinks that it is natural that Christine shouldn't get married just because the Angel of Music fobid her to and if she did marry, she woulnd't be able to hear him again.

Christine Daae: Cannot get married because the Angel of Music forbid her to and she didn't want to stop hearing the Angel's voice. She allowed Raoul to insult her because the only thought that she had was to keep Raoul in the box.

Raoul: He was angry and embarassed that Christine had told Mamma Valerius about his proposal. He was confused when she stated that Christine was with the Angel of Music. He was furious when he was told that Christine cannot marry even if she wanted because the Angel of Music had forbid her. He have gone a little mad because when Christine stopped him, he burst into a mad laugh and when she stated "our love" he said that she doesn't love him and she have never loved him.


Mamma Valerius is ill in bed and she tells Raoul about the Angel of Music that Christine is learning from. He was told of the Angel of Music's condition like how Christine shouldn't marry if she wanted to continue to hear him. Christine gave a message to Raoul telling him that she would meet him in the little room behind the chimney place of the big crush room at the Opera for the masked ball. When he was there waiting, Christine came and indicated to him to follow her. On her way there, they saw the Red Death. Christine ruched into the room and when he realized who the Red Death was, he was going to go out and have a talk with the Red Death, Christine closed the door and stopped him from going. When Raoul was forcing himself to get out, Christine had the strength to stop him. Christine asked where he was going and Raoul told her that he wanted to meet the man who hides behind that hideous mask of death, the evil genius of the churchyard at Perros, Red Death, and her friend, The Angel of Music and take off the mask of his. Looking at each other in the face with no veil and no lies between them and Raoul said that he shall know whom Christine love and who loves her. Christine stopped Raoul and she said, "In the name of our love, Raoul, you shall not pass..." and Raoul said that she doesn't love him and that she has never loved him. Raoul sid that she has taken a shameful advantages and that he despises her. Christine told him that she would forgive him and then she left the room/box saying that she had to go and not sing on stage. When Raoul was going to follow her, she made him stop and then she left. Raoul then went to Christine's room and heard her sating poor Erik. He thought that because of what had happened, he expected her to say poor Raoul but instead she had said Erik. Then he started hearing music in Christine's room and then Christine disappeared. Mamma Valerius and Raoul saw Christine's promised ring and they were questioning Christine to know who the man was. When Christine said that she did not want to tell them, Mamma Valerius said that it does not matter because if Christine accepted that man, then she was okay with that but Raoul continued to question. Mamma Valerius was now on Christine's side and told Raoul that he did not have to know who the man was. Later, Raoul asks if the man was Erik and got the answer.


little room behind the chimney place of the big crush room at the Opera for the masked ball.

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