Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ch. 1 - Ch. 3

Raoul, Viscount de Chagny: He is the childhood sweetheart of Christine. He recognizes her singing at the Opera. He learns what love meant and hatred.

Christine Daae: She was a Chorus girl and then she was given a chance to sing at the Opera. No one knew of her talent until Carlotta was ill and was unable to sing. She didn't not have a professor of singing but she was very talented.

Phantom of the Opera: He has not been seen by anyone. There are rumors of this appearance. He wears dress-clothes and has death's head. The fireman stated that he had seen the Phantom coming towards him, at the level of his head, but without a body attached to it, a head of fire. He is also unreasonable. He threatens to cause catastrophe if they do not pay him 20 000 francs per month and reservation to Box 5 for him at every show.

Madame Giry: She is a ballet mistress and she is also the Phantom's spokeswoman. She delivers Phantom's messages and she gives Phantom his program.

There was a ghost and was known as the Phantom. He requested unreasonable things like 20 000 francs per month and reservation to Box 5 for every show. He threatens that if they do not do what he ask for them, he would cause catastrophe. A scene shifter, Joseph Boquet was dead. Some said that it was a suicide because he hung himself and some said that it was the Phantom's doing. The old managers were retiring and the new managers, Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard, were here and this is going to cause trouble because MM. Richard and Moncharmin won't do what the Phantom wants them to do.

The setting is at The Paris Opera, aka The National Academy of Music.

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